1 30-05-2020 Education during & Post Covid Heartfulness Education Team
2 15-06-2020 Cyber Security Awarness Program Dr. Clara Kanmani A, Associate Progessor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, New Horixon College of Engineering Dept. of IT & BT Karnataka & Cyber Security-Centre of excellence, Indian Institute of Science
3 27-06-2020 Understanding the emotional needs of children and helping them to face challenges Dr. Ali Khwaja, Banjara Academy
4 29-06-2020 Language and Maths Monica Kochar Education Consultant and Maths Curriculum developer for CBSE and ICSE Schools Organised by Cambridge University Press
5 25-07-2020 Care of eyes during the pandemic Dr. Samina Zamindar
6 06-08-2020 Mentaring the mentors towards New Education Policy 2020 Seshadaripuram College
7 12-08-2020 National Workshop on "GeoGebra: A Teaching Tool" NCERT Resource development Team member, National ICT curriculum team member, Diksha content creator Mr. S. GANESH organised by DG Vaishnav College, Chennai
8 24-08-2020 Online Labs for schools Centre for Development of Advance computing
9 29-08-2020 Art Integrated teaching & learning Kapil Kumar Lakwan Freelance artist, illustrator & art writer. Education Knot
10 31-08-2020 How to unlock the NEP 2020 Potential: Teacher Empowerment Workshop MyElsa Academy
11 01-09-2020 Paricharcha: National Education Policy 2020 Vidya Prakashan Mandir Pvt. Ltd.
12 06-09-2020 Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies Diksha
13 06-09-2020 Pedagogy of Science Diksha
14 07-09-2020 Developing Social-Personal Qualities and Creating Safe and Healthy School Environment Diksha
15 07-09-2020 Pedagogy of Mathematics Diksha
16 15-09-2020 Competency based Education- Module 1 Diksha
17 19-09-2020 Teacher wellness program heartfulness & mindfulness Mrs. Aruna Ravi, Yoga therapist, IIEM
18 24-09-2020 Online Examination and Classes on Moodle App IIMM Bangalore Branch Prof. Rangankar of St. Vincent Palloti College of Engineering and Technology, Nagapur.
19 26-09-2020 Happy students make happy learners Mrs. Geeta Subramaniam, Principal of Delhi Public Internation School, Bangalore
20 02-10-2020 Basic Nutrition, Food Fortification, Infant and Young Child Feeding PoshanAbhiyaan E-Learning ICMR-Nin Modules
21 03-10-2020 Fabricating Audio-Video based Assessments Diksha
22 08-10-2020 Competency based Education- Module 2 Diksha
23 15-10-2020 Concept Based Teaching and Learning ABEA(Aditya Birla Education Academy) Facilitator: Cathy Jones, High School, Vice-Principal, UWC, South East Asia
24 15-10-2020 Leveraging Google Forms & Padlet for Evaluation CENTA (Centre for teacher Accreditation) Facilitator: Mrs. Indra Priyadharshini Subramanian Govt, Primary School, Puducherry
25 21-10-2020 Creating Infographic using easelly Central Institute of Educational Technology-NCERT Facilitator: Mrs. Deepty Gupta Assistant Professor CIET- NCERT
26 21-10-2020 The New Face of Education ABEA (Aditya Birla Education Academy) Facilitator: Mrs. Asha Narayanana, Principal Lodha World School, Thane