HAL New Public School envisions the all-round development of students in consonance with the holistic approach to education and emphasises integration of co-curricular domain with curricular domain in an equitable manner. We follow the curriculum provided by CBSE based on National Curriculum Framework and seeks to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning.

The school believes in the process of self-discovery and learning, thereby honing individuality and uniqueness in each child.

The focus is on creating awareness in students, providing them with experiences that they could apply to real-life situations and make informed choices for themselves.

Kinder Garten School

Kinder garten years are always fun-filled and cheerful. So, keeping this joy of learning undisturbed, we have an understandable, structured and progressive curriculum designed specially for the tiny tots with various skills checklist.

Kindergarten is an introduction to real school for the child, since it sets the stage for the rest of his education. Our curriculum provides the child with an opportunity to learn and practice essential social, emotional, problem-solving and study skills that will be used throughout his schooling.

Our curriculum mainly emphasizes on-

  • Expanding child’s ability to learn about the world.
  • Enhances confidence among children.
  • Provide a combination of formal – teacher initiated and informal – child initiated activities.
  • Play way methodology is practised and students are encouraged to participate in hands on learning in small groups.
  • Foster a love of books, reading and writing.

So, the curriculum in school makes it all a wonderful experience filled with opportunities to learn, to play, to participate and to explore, which is very important for the holistic development of the little genius without any stress reaching out the developmental milestones successfully.

Our motto is “to lay foundation by fostering in children an inquisitive mind, an interest in learning and exploration, a balanced development, a healthy self-concept, and the ability to the ever-changing world.”

Primary School

Primary School covers a period of five years:

Grades I to V, during which the basic skills in all subjects are further enhanced with higher level thinking and application skills are introduced to challenge the grey cells of students and stimulate their interest.

Here curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal importance and every student’s needs: intellectual, physical and emotional are met through a well-designed and executed comprehensive curriculum.

The Primary School curriculum focuses on the spirit of exploration and acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts through data collection and interpretation, and understanding of scientific phenomena via observation, experimentation and inference.

Learning is enriched by a number of activities such as public speaking, storytelling, drama, music, IT modules, discussions and a wide range of artistic and hands on activities.

The aim is not only to attain excellence in academics, but also to develop a sensitive and thinking individual with a positive attitude and values.

We aim at the overall development of each child so that one becomes a responsible adult with a creative mind, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and also to have the courage to act according to his/her beliefs.

Middle/High School

The School focuses on innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by student-friendly and student-centred paradigms and skill based learning.

  • Science and Math laboratory with graded lessons to suit the specific needs of students.
  • Work experience, outdoor and co-curricular activities expose students to relationship between them and physical environment.
  • Students undertake several inter-disciplinary projects to deepen knowledge of connections between subjects that hone their writing and presentation skills.
  • Encourages interest in all subjects equally.
  • Students participate actively in Sports, Music, Dance, Drama and other Creative Arts programme.
  • The School follows a continuous and comprehensive education according to the guidelines given by the CBSE. This scheme brings about a paradigm shift from exam to effective pedagogy.
  • Includes informal avenues like continuous monitoring in class (Observations), informal interactions, Parents participation and formal avenues like score tracking, semestral assessments etc.

School activities and student-teacher conversations look to build on skills needed for the 21st century through our PACE initiative – Perseverance, Analytical Thinking, Collaboration/Communication and Enterprising.

At HAL New Public School, students are just not taught, instead mentored, stimulated, provoked and engaged to become Global Citizens.